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    smime: allow signing message digest algorithm to be specified. · dc8373ad
    Kevin J. McCarthy authored
    Currently, Mutt hardcodes micalg=sha1 for signed messages.
    Unfortunately, the actual message digest algorithm used defaults to
    the value in the "Signature Algorithm" field in the signing key's
    Add a new configuration option $smime_sign_digest_alg, defaulting
    to sha256.  Add a new printf format string, %d, to be used in the
    signing command to specify the digest algorithm.  Modify the sample
    $smime_sign_command to include "-md %d".
    Note: This solution requires using the modified $smime_sign_command,
    or else the micalg parameter again may not match the algorithm used.
    An alternative solution would be to query the certificate "Signature
    Algorithm" field and try to change the micalg to match it, but this
    method is easier to implement and provides better control for the user
    to configure, in any case.
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