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    Remove buggy usage of M_ICONV_HOOK_TO flag in mutt_idna.c:mutt_idna_to_local(). · bbf8fcd9
    Alain Bench authored
    Wipe unwanted code depending on M_ICONV_HOOK_TO in charset.c:mutt_iconv_open().
    Totally wipe M_ICONV_HOOK_TO symbol.
    Remove misusages of M_ICONV_HOOK_FROM flag in:
     - crypt-gpgme.c:print_utf8().
     - mutt_idna.c:mutt_idna_to_local() and mutt_local_to_idna().
     - pgp.c:pgp_traditional_encryptsign().
    Document usage policy of M_ICONV_HOOK_FROM flag.
    Cosmetic downcasing of some constant charset names (utf-8, euc-jp) for consistency.
    Correction of a typo in the "iso8859-5" charset name.
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