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    - Makefile.am: Fix the dist target to include all necessary files. · a666499b
    Thomas Roessler authored
    - po/fr.po: New French translation.  (-> stable!)
    - Add the new options to Muttrc.in.
    - regex.c, configure.in: include config.h from regex.c, and handle
      alloca in a more intelligent way than before. (Currently, we just
      mis-handle it.)
      Port this to stable and test it!
    - po/cs.po: update cs.po.
    - po/de.po, po/nl.po: updated versions from Roland and Boris.
    - pager.c: Vikas' grok_ansi fix.
    - po/Makefile.in.in: keymap_defs is always in po/..  - from Lars
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