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    Add the trash folder patch. · 347c517c
    Kevin J. McCarthy authored
    This is based on the trash folder patch by Cedric Duval.
    Modifications to the original patch are:
    * Use a flag called M_PURGE instead of M_APPENDED.  The same flag is
      then used in the following "purge" patch instead of adding a
      different flag.
    * Removed the counter in context.  The existing context->deleted
      is all that's needed.
    * Removed the "auto unset M_PURGE" when M_DELETED is unset inside
      _mutt_set_flag(), although this is convenient, it easily leads to
      header->purge not being reset in a few situations.
    * Reset purge flag along with the deleted flag if $delete is answered
    * Set M_PURGE on an edited message. (edit_one_message())
    * Preserve purge flag in mutt_reopen_mailbox()
    * Turn off OPTCONFIRMAPPEND when saving to the trash, rather than
      hardcoding it off in mutt_save_confirm().  That way, normal save to the
      folder will respect the option.
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