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    Add unread and total message count format strings to $folder_format. · c8c9bbd1
    Kevin J. McCarthy authored
    %n will show the unread message count in the mailbox.  %m will show
    total message count.  Except for %n with IMAP, these both require
    $mail_check_stats to be set, which puts these counts inside BUFFY.
    Since the imap_mboxcache is never fresher than the value in BUFFY,
    remove the special imap_mailbox_state() call.  Instead, just update
    from the current Context for all mailboxes.
    Remove the logic that overrode the %N format string to show unread
    count for IMAP mailboxes.  If they want to see unread count, they will
    have to change the $folder_format.
    Although it doesn't look possible to reuse browser_state.entry slots,
    change the OP_DELETE_MAILBOX to memset(0) the deleted slot.  Then, we
    can change to logic in add_folder() so it doesn't need to zero-out
    unset values.
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