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    patch.1.3.28.lh.noiconv · 3efaee8d
    Lars Hecking authored
     This is the new version of my noiconv patch. It _requires_ the previous
     patch! If applied without, you'll have to resolve a couple of conflicts
     - it's a lot cleaner than the old noiconv patch because no m4 files are
     - new configure option --disable-iconv; INSTALL updated accordingly
       [I am guessing here, but the background for the --without-iconv option
        mentioned in INSTALL was that mutt had a without-iconv option before
        gettext included iconv support. When mutt's intl/* files were updated
        to a newer gettext, there suddenly were two iconv options, which then
        got merged, that is, mutt's was removed. That was probably when
        --without-iconv stopped working, but I'm not sure, it may well be that
        it never worked since iconv support was introduced.]
     - all changes in *.[ch] files should be identical to the old patch
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