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    Add compiler and configure info to mutt -v output (closes #3537) · 3eeae6ed
    David Champion authored
    Makefile(.am) updated to produce conststrings.c, which contains
    C strings representing:
    * the compiler's own version information;
    * the CFLAGS value from the Make environment
    * the ./configure options
    main.c is updated to print them when running 'mutt -v'.
    txt2c.sh is added to produce conststrings.c. txt2c.sh uses a compiled
    txt2c binary if possible, for complete fidelity to the source strings
    in whatever encoding they may use.  If txt2c is not available (could
    not be compiled, or was not compiled natively) it falls back on a shell
    function to approximate the output using sed and tr.
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