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    Fix non-threaded $sort_aux "reverse-" sorting. · 999d85c6
    Kevin J. McCarthy authored
    The secondary sort was looking at (Sort & SORT_REVERSE) instead
    of (SortAux & SORT_REVERSE), so wasn't even performing the reverse
    based on the correct flag.
    Additionally, afterwards, the primary sort was improperly applying a
    reverse when the secondary sort returned non-zero.
    Change SORTCODE() to look at SortAux when we are inside a secondary
    Change AUXSORT() to return the result if the secondary sort returns
    non-zero.  It is ugly to put a return inside the macro, but the check
    for non-zero needs to be performed inside the AUXSORT if branch.
    If the secondary sort returns 0, then the primary sort can still
    compare index and apply a reverse as needed.
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