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    patch.1.3.28.lh.gettext-0.11.1 · 32970626
    Lars Hecking authored
     This one updates the gettext stuff in mutt to gettext-0.11.1. I started
     doing this in the hope that the new gettext version would simplify the
     noiconv patch, but unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case
     (the new iconv m4 macros still don't allow for switching iconv support off).
     However, as a few hours of merging and testing were spent, I'd suggest to
     adopt it for 1.4. The actual changes to intl/* are part cosmetic, part code
     reorganisation. Ok, a bit more, I'm no gettext expert :)
     - after applying the patch, you need to chmod 755 config.rpath
     - a couple of new files for m4/*, too
     - I have broken with the tradition of renaming gettext's AM_* macros
       to MUTT_AM_*! I don't think it's necessary anymore to customise these
       macros, but you (I really mean "you, tlr" :) want to have a look at
       the new gettext.m4.  The others should be ok as they are.
     - previous gettext updates were also updating po/Makefile.in.in, which
       I didn't; someone who has a clue about gettext should check whether
       this might be necessary, and also whether any other files in po/ need
     I will provide the same patch for the 1.5 branch at some stage, ideally
     after getting some  F E E D B A C K  for this one.
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