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    Implement oppenc_mode in the find_keys methods. · 0fd24e8b
    Kevin J. McCarthy authored
    oppenc_mode is used by crypt_opportunistic_encrypt to determine whether
    there are valid keys for all recipients of a message, without prompting
    the user.
    The patch wraps around prompts, and makes getkeybyaddr methods return a
    valid address-matching key without prompting.
    The patch also fixes a small problem with gpgme's getkeybyaddr.  When
    determining if there were multiple strong matches, it was comparing the
    crypt_key_t instead of its kobj member (gpgme_key_t).
    The patch also enables a call to crypt_is_numerical_keyid() in
    find_keys(), so that crypt-hooks can actually be checked without
    prompting when gpgme is enabled.  (The addition was patterned off of the
    pgp_findKeys() function).
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