Commit ff911568 authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

*** empty log message ***

parent be4f0503
Thu Dec 17 16:17:43 1998 Thomas Roessler <[email protected]>
* INSTALL: I've been told that the FreeBSD shell has been
fixed meanwhile. Additionally, add the note from Vikas on
patching Solaris to get mutt work properly on that system.
* mh.c: Fix attachment deletion for maildir/mh folders.
This may fix other mh-related problems, too.
* charsets/ Some installs aren't able to cope
with multiple files at once.
* curs_lib.c: Don't even try to clear the status line when
not in curses mode.
Wed Dec 16 13:23:06 1998 Thomas Roessler <[email protected]>
* imap.c: Two lines were in reverse order. Noted by Daniel
* thread.c: Give Daniel Eisenbud a "lock" on this file.
* pager.c: Fix "$resolve" behaviour for OP_TAG and
OP_TOGGLE_NEW from the pager.
* curs_lib.c: SLang-related fixes to mutt_endwin().
* compose.c: Permit the user to set the typical MIME
parameters used with application/pgp messages.
* color.c: Fix a segfault noted by Stephan Hack. (Fix noted
by Vikas.)
* Make the sendmail check compatible with
newer autoconf versions. Noted by Lars Hecking.
Sun Dec 13 08:10:13 1998 Thomas Roessler <[email protected]>
* mx.c, curs_main.c: Don't dump core when closing a NULL
context. Fixes the "exit from no-mailbox mode" bug.
Sat Dec 12 10:14:43 1998 Thomas Roessler <[email protected]>
* po/uk.po, po/ru.po, po/it.po, po/fr.po, po/es.po, po/de.po:
Post-release commit.
* hook.c, curs_main.c: More _PGPPATH and us dist related fixes.
* mutt.h: Don't define M_PGPHOOK unless _PGPPATH has been defined.
* pager.c: Another fix.
* The us-dist target was screwed.
* charsets/parse_i18n.c, charsets/gen_charsets, charsets/, thread.c, system.c, strcasecmp.c, status.c,, sort.h, sort.c, socket.c, snprintf.c, signal.c, sha_locl.h, sha1dgst.c, sha.h, sendlib.c, send.c, score.c, rfc822.h, rfc822.c, rfc2047.h, rfc2047.c, rfc1524.h, rfc1524.c, resize.c, reldate.h, recvattach.c,, query.c, protos.h, prepare, postpone.c, pop.c, pgppubring.c, pgpkey.c, pgpinvoke.c, pgp.h, pgp.c, pattern.c, parse.h, parse.c, pager.h, pager.c, mx.h, mx.c, mutt_socket.h, mutt_regex.h, mutt_menu.h, mutt_curses.h, mutt.h, mkinstalldirs, missing, mime.types, mime.h, mh.c, menu.c, mbox.c, mapping.h, main.c, mailbox.h, lib.c, keymap.h, keymap.c, install-sh, init.h, init.c, imap.h, imap.c, hook.c, history.h, history.c, help.c, headers.c, hdrline.c, hash.h, hash.c, handler.c, gnupgparse.c, globals.h, getdomain.c, gen_defs, functions.h, from.c, flags.c, filter.c, enter.c, edit.c, dotlock.h, dotlock.c, date.c, curs_main.c, curs_lib.c, copy.h, copy.c,, config.sub, config.guess, compose.c, complete.c, commands.c, color.c, charset.h, charset.c, buffy.h, buffy.c, browser.c, attach.h, attach.c, alias.c, addrbook.c, acconfig.h, VERSION, TODO, README, OPS.PGP, OPS, NEWS,,, INSTALL, GPL, ChangeLog, COPYRIGHT, ABOUT-NLS:
*** empty log message ***
* po/uk.po, po/ru.po, po/it.po, po/fr.po, po/es.po, po/de.po, reldate.h, VERSION, ChangeLog:
Release-commit for 0.95i.
* hash.c: Use a better hash function. Contributed by Stefan Langerman
<[email protected]> to mutt-users.
Sat Dec 12 06:58:18 1998 Thomas Roessler <[email protected]>
* hash.c: Use a better hash function. Contributed by Stefan
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