Commit df3f2aee authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.11.2

parent 5f1f14e2
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2019-01-07 17:26:53 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (5f1f14e2)
* Add UPDATING notes for 1.11.2 release.
2019-01-05 13:25:38 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (ae3587cf)
* Update copyright for the next stable release.
M doc/manual.xml.head
M doc/
M main.c
2019-01-04 11:20:05 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (853e48bf)
* Fix mkdtemp.c implementation.
Two statements were indented on the same line under a for statement.
The second one would not be included in the loop, only being executed
after the loop finishes.
This is obviously an error, as it modifies the LETTERS entry being
M mkdtemp.c
2018-12-28 15:43:51 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (63f05d96)
* Make a copy of x_label before encoding it for updates.
This isn't actually a bug. Context->label_hash strdups the keys, so
we are safe from dangling references. However, the subj_hash uses
direct references, so to keep things consistent and safe, make a copy
and encode that.
M copy.c
2018-12-27 16:24:27 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (8bb10956)
* Restore the xlabel_changed reset.
The cherry pick accidentally obliterated the reset. That flag is now
located in hdr->env->changed in the branch and is reset properly
elsewhere. Keep it in place in the stable branch.
M copy.c
2018-12-27 16:08:36 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (75f2445c)
* Rfc2047 encode and fold X-Label when writing updates.
Also, add a missing "skip" in mutt_copy_hdr() for the non-simple case.
These fixes were backported from the kevin/mutt_protected_header branch.
M copy.c
2018-12-21 10:13:17 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (eb444e63)
* Handle improperly encoded pgp/mime octetstream part.
Some clients (or even mail servers) improperly encode the octetstream
Thanks to Riccardo Schirone for the original merge request patch.
This commit also handles the attachment menu, and makes the decoding
conditional so it's not done if it isn't necessary.
(cherry picked from commit 450de4637f6590487a073b250da342a1400a3ac3)
M crypt-gpgme.c
M handler.c
M pgp.c
2018-12-20 19:39:39 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (e104135e)
* Backport postpone-encrypt cleanups from master.
Free the clear content after successfully postponing.
If the fcc fails, properly restore the clear content before returning
to the compose menu.
M send.c
2018-12-02 16:46:28 -0800 Rosen Penev <[email protected]> (671417dd)
* Fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL 1.1 APIs
M mutt_ssl.c
2018-12-12 16:10:23 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (101e05d6)
* Fix imap_sync_mailbox() hcache leak.
Uploading changed messages to the server ends up overwriting the
hcache. Add a straightforward fix and a longish explanation comment
for the stable branch fix.
Add a TODO noting a better fix should be done in the master branch in
the future.
M imap/imap.c
2018-12-11 18:41:37 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (29da7c2a)
* Fix possible smime crash if the read mime header p is NULL.
M smime.c
2018-12-11 15:29:57 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (74a09f41)
* Fix memory leak in smime.c.
smime_application_smime_handler() was not freeing the BODY returned by
M smime.c
2018-12-09 12:32:24 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (37320beb)
* Fix mutt_parse_rfc822_line() if lastp parameter is NULL.
It checked at the beginning before dereferencing, but not at the end.
Since lastp is only used for the user_hdrs case, move the local
variable and assignment inside that block to make it clear.
M parse.c
2018-12-06 19:22:59 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (59625f54)
* Fix classic gpg date parsing in list-keys.
GnuPG changed the format of their --with-colons output in 2.0.10.
Dates are now seconds since epoch. Update the parse_pub_line() code
to detect the new format.
The GnuPG changes also separated pub and the first uid. Since mutt
allows an empty uid field, the output is a bit less friendly now, with
an initial key without an uid. I think that's acceptable, but
eventually we'll want to change the parsing behavior.
M gnupgparse.c
2018-12-03 07:30:34 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (2cb34544)
* Fix typo in Finnish translation.
Thanks to @Petteri3 for the patch.
M po/fi.po
2018-12-01 11:38:36 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (991c018e)
* automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.11.1
M ChangeLog
2018-12-01 11:27:20 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (bf2f59d4)
* Document Sender header as a default in $imap_headers.
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