Commit d4c640c5 authored by Brendan Cully's avatar Brendan Cully

Document difference between index and pager search. Closes #2886.

parent 794abde7
2008-06-25 22:43 -0700 Brendan Cully <[email protected]> (e2780a423d96)
* commands.c, copy.c, crypt-gpgme.c, handler.c, mbox.c, pgp.c: Make
mutt_copy_message distinguish between fatal and non-fatal errors.
Non-fatal errors should prevent moving messages, since they indicate
data loss. But mutt should still attempt to display them, since
being able to see some attachments is better than nothing. Also stop
printing out non-PGP material in application/pgp attachments. Closes
#2545, #2912.
2008-06-24 23:12 -0700 Brendan Cully <[email protected]> (f5fe657f0633)
* handler.c: Make multipart decoding a little more
forgiving. First, ignore bad content-transfer-encoding in
multipart sections. Second, if an attachment fails to decode,
print a warning and continue instead of giving up on the entire
1970-01-01 00:00 +0000 Brendan Cully <[email protected]> (a2e8f6fab8d3)
* smtp.c: Test that envelope from or from is set before attempting
......@@ -604,9 +604,9 @@ featureful.
<row><entry>S</entry><entry>skip beyond quoted text</entry></row>
<row><entry>T</entry><entry>toggle display of quoted text</entry></row>
<row><entry>?</entry><entry>show keybindings</entry></row>
<row><entry>/</entry><entry>search for a regular expression (pattern)</entry></row>
<row><entry>ESC /</entry><entry>search backwards for a regular expression</entry></row>
<row><entry>&bsol;</entry><entry>toggle search pattern coloring</entry></row>
<row><entry>/</entry><entry>regular expression search</entry></row>
<row><entry>ESC /</entry><entry>backward regular expression search</entry></row>
<row><entry>&bsol;</entry><entry>toggle highlighting of search matches</entry></row>
<row><entry>&circ;</entry><entry>jump to the top of the message</entry></row>
......@@ -686,6 +686,15 @@ display, for example by changing the color associated with color2 for
your xterm, then that color will be used instead of green.
Note that the search commands in the pager take regular expressions,
which are not quite the same as the more
complex <link linkend="patterns">patterns</link> used by the search
command in the index. This is because the pager only performs simple
text search, whereas the index provides boolean filtering on several
aspects of messages.
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