Commit c39bf5ee authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

Add more description for the %S and %Z $index_format characters.

parent 0e055ab7
......@@ -1408,7 +1408,7 @@ struct option_t MuttVars[] = {
** .dt %r .dd comma separated list of ``To:'' recipients
** .dt %R .dd comma separated list of ``Cc:'' recipients
** .dt %s .dd subject of the message
** .dt %S .dd status of the message (``N''/``D''/``d''/``!''/``r''/\(as)
** .dt %S .dd single character status of the message (``N''/``O''/``D''/``d''/``!''/``r''/``\(as'')
** .dt %t .dd ``To:'' field (recipients)
** .dt %T .dd the appropriate character from the $$to_chars string
** .dt %u .dd user (login) name of the author
......@@ -1419,7 +1419,11 @@ struct option_t MuttVars[] = {
** .dt %Y .dd ``X-Label:'' field, if present, and \fI(1)\fP not at part of a thread tree,
** \fI(2)\fP at the top of a thread, or \fI(3)\fP ``X-Label:'' is different from
** preceding message's ``X-Label:''.
** .dt %Z .dd message status flags
** .dt %Z .dd a three character set of message status flags.
** the first character is new/read/replied flags (``n''/``o''/``r''/``O''/``N'').
** the second is deleted or encryption flags (``D''/``d''/``S''/``P''/``s''/``K'').
** the third is either tagged/flagged (``\(as''/``!''), or one of the characters
** listed in $$to_chars.
** .dt %{fmt} .dd the date and time of the message is converted to sender's
** time zone, and ``fmt'' is expanded by the library function
** \fCstrftime(3)\fP; a leading bang disables locales
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