Commit a125680a authored by Rocco Rutte's avatar Rocco Rutte

Document that $check_mbox_size should be set before mailboxes commands

parent 43a62993
......@@ -313,6 +313,12 @@ struct option_t MuttVars[] = {
** .pp
** This variable is \fIunset\fP by default and should only be enabled when
** new mail detection for these folder types is unreliable or doesn't work.
** .pp
** Note that enabling this variable should happen before any ``mailboxes''
** directives occur in configuration files regarding mbox or mmdf folders
** because mutt needs to determine the initial new mail status of such a
** mailbox by performing a fast mailbox scan when it is defined.
** Afterwards the new mail status is tracked by file size changes.
{ "charset", DT_STR, R_NONE, UL &Charset, UL 0 },
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