Commit a0885928 authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

Minor touchups to documentation and UPDATING file.

parent 5a77ff83
......@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@ The keys used are:
+ Compressed mbox and mmdf files are now supported via open-hook,
close-hook, and append-hook. See contrib/sample.muttrc-compress
for suggested settings.
for suggested settings. Note this is a compile-time option:
+ When $flag_safe is set, flagged messages cannot be deleted.
+ The '@' pattern modifier can be used to limit matches to known aliases.
+ <mark-message> creates a hotkey binding to a specific message. The hotkey
......@@ -8440,12 +8440,14 @@ please have a look at the mixmaster documentation.
<command>unsidebar_whitelist<anchor id="unsidebar-whitelist"/></command>
<group choice="req">
<arg choice="plain">
<replaceable class="parameter">*</replaceable>
<arg choice="plain" rep="repeat">
<replaceable class="parameter">mailbox</replaceable>
......@@ -224,9 +224,9 @@ struct option_t MuttVars[] = {
** .dt %C .dd charset
** .dt %c .dd requires charset conversion (``n'' or ``c'')
** .dt %D .dd deleted flag
** .dt %d .dd description
** .dt %d .dd description (if none, falls back to %F)
** .dt %e .dd MIME content-transfer-encoding
** .dt %F .dd filename for content-disposition header
** .dt %F .dd filename in content-disposition header (if none, falls back to %f)
** .dt %f .dd filename
** .dt %I .dd disposition (``I'' for inline, ``A'' for attachment)
** .dt %m .dd major MIME type
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