Commit 841f7101 authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

Update to use git.

The output isn't quite as nice as the hg generated version, but is

With Mercurial, and now Git, I'm not sure of the usefulness of
maintaining a ChangeLog file in the repos, but that is another
parent ecbd86c9
header = '{date|isodate} {author|person} <{author|email}> ({node|short})\n\n'
changeset = '\t* {files|stringify|fill68|tabindent|strip}\n\n'
file = '{file}, '
last_file = '{file}: {desc}\n\t'
no_files = '{desc}'
# Generates the ChangeLog since the last release.
lrev=$(hg log --limit 1 --template '{rev}' ChangeLog)
# This would generate based on the last update of the ChangeLog, instead:
# lrev=$(git log -1 --pretty=format:"%H" ChangeLog)
hg log --style=./hg-changelog-map -r "reverse($lrev::.)"
lrev=$(git tag --merged=HEAD --list 'mutt-*-rel' | tr - . | sort -Vr | head -n1 | tr . -)
# This is a rough approximation of the official ChangeLog format
# previously generated by hg. Git doesn't provide enough formatting
# tools to produce this more accurately. We could post-format it with
# a script, but I'm not sure enough people care about this file
# anymore to make it worth the effort.
git log --name-status \
--pretty=format:"%ai %an <%ae> (%h)%n%n%w(,8,8)* %s%n%+b" \
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