Commit 78300aa6 authored by Brendan Cully's avatar Brendan Cully

Make is_shell_char static. Closes #2907.

parent 8e9b7e3d
2007-07-16 09:44 -0700 Brendan Cully <[email protected]> (1d6b9fb4a927)
* init.c: Check that spam expression has enough matches for its
template. Closes #2927.
2007-07-14 17:26 -0700 Brendan Cully <[email protected]> (f4b2c6eba5fd)
* crypt-gpgme.c: GPGME: do not attempt to extract signatures
unless gpgme_op_verify returned success.
2007-07-09 11:32 -0400 Aron Griffis <[email protected]> (4e8e3db418ea)
* send.c: Allow send-hooks to effectively change $from and $use_from
2007-07-09 09:45 -0400 Aron Griffis <[email protected]> (82354e0d2399)
* mx.c: Clean up mx.c: init stat structs to zero
prev_sb.st_size was initialized to zero if USE_FCNTL but not if
......@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@ static void replace_part (ENTER_STATE *state, size_t from, char *buf)
* Return 1 if the character is not typically part of a pathname
inline int is_shell_char(wchar_t ch)
static inline int is_shell_char(wchar_t ch)
static wchar_t shell_chars[] = L"<>&()$?*;{}| "; /* ! not included because it can be part of a pathname in Mutt */
return wcschr(shell_chars, ch) != NULL;
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