Commit 6fba6281 authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.8.3

parent 5bd31d1e
2017-05-23 15:53 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (fa0c2155ab8f)
* mx.c: Fix memory leak when closing mailbox and using the sidebar.
The code updating the sidebar counts decremented the msgcount, but
did not set it back to the original value. Which means fastclose was
not freeing all the headers.
Update the sidebar only when something is deleted, since I don't
believe it's required otherwise and the code is a bit cleaner that
2017-05-22 18:18 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (59a2125b49f2)
* imap/imap.c: Don't clean up idata when closing an open-append
open-append borrows the idata just for the connection. The "mailbox
specific" part of the idata may be being used by a normal open-
Don't free the idata "mailbox specific" part when closing an open-
append mailbox.
Thanks to Will Yardley for discovering the bug as part of testing
the revised IMAP fetch_headers code (in the default branch).
2017-05-22 05:08 -0700 TAKAHASHI Tamotsu <[email protected]> (1ddf2641f369)
* mx.c: Fix potential segv if mx_open_mailbox is passed an empty
string. (closes #3945)
If path is "", ctx->path will be NULL. realpath() generally will
segv if the first parameter is NULL.
2017-05-12 09:15 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (a97afb72d892)
* imap/imap.c: Turn IMAP_EXPUNGE_EXPECTED back off when syncing.
(closes #3940).
imap_sync_mailbox() turned on IMAP_EXPUNGE_EXPECTED when issuing a
EXPUNGE command during a sync. However, it forgot to turn it back
That meant that an unexpected EXPUNGE that occurred during a
mx_check_mailbox -> imap_check_mailbox() -> imap_cmd_finish() call
was not setting idata->check_status = IMAP_EXPUNGE_PENDING; and so
imap_check_mailbox() was not returning MUTT_REOPENED.
This meant that although the Context had been changed, the index did
not run update_index(), resulting in a possible segfault.
Thanks to Uroš Juvan for reporting the issue, and his invaluable
description of how to reproduce the problem.
2017-05-05 13:55 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (71cb68efe98e)
* curs_main.c: Don't modify LastFolder/CurrentFolder upon aborting a
change folder operation.
Set LastFolder and CurrentFolder after mx_close_mailbox() has
successfully completed. Otherwise, if the close is aborted, they
will have incorrect values.
2017-05-04 18:05 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (c08c72a0e24c)
* mx.c: Fix sidebar count updates when closing mailbox. (closes #3938)
The context unread and flagged counts were being updated too early
in mx_close_mailbox(). Cancelling at any of the following prompts
would leave them in an incorrect state. Additionally, $move could
increase the delete count (for flagged messages), and $delete, if
answered no, could turn off message deletion.
Move all the sidebar buffy stat updating to the bottom of the
function, after all the prompts and processing.
2017-04-30 15:20 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (829584614fd6)
* headers.c: Refresh header color when updating label. (closes #3935)
color index with a '~y' pattern were not being updated after
adding/removing labels.
2017-04-30 14:24 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (c54ac874a32b)
* init.c, init.h: Fix unused function warnings when sidebar is
disabled. (closes #3936)
parse_path_list/unlist are currently only used by the
un/sidebar_whitelist commands. Add an ifdef around them to stop an
unused function warning. Add a comment too, so it's clear why they
are ifdef'ed.
2017-04-30 13:32 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (deb66bd24b9d)
* doc/manual.xml.head: Note that mbox-hooks are dependent on $move.
Add a note to the "Using Multiple Spool Mailboxes" section.
2017-04-27 21:22 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (b8952095b583)
* curs_lib.c, keymap.c, mutt_curses.h: Fix km_error_key() infinite
loop and unget buffer pollution.
'bind pager \Ch help' produces an infinite loop when an unbound key
is pressed in the pager. The reason is because km_error_key() tries
to verify that the key sequence is really bound to the OP_HELP
operation. It does this by using km_expand_key(),
tokenize_unget_string() on the resulting buffer, then checking if
the next km_dokey() returns OP_HELP.
The problem is that km_expand_key() does not always produce a string
that is properly reparsed by tokenize_unget_string(). Control-h
sequences are expanded to ^H. tokenize_unget_string() recognizes
this as two characters '^' and 'H'. km_error_key() checks the OP
returned, which is OP_PAGER_TOP for the '^'. This is not OP_HELP, so
it prints a generic error and returns. This leaves the 'H' in the
input buffer! Since 'H' (by default) is unbound in the pager, it
retriggers km_error_key(), resulting in an infinite loop.
The same issues can occur without control sequences: bind generic ?
noop bind generic dq help In the index, hitting an unbound key will
end up leaving 'q' in the unget buffer, because 'd' is bound in the
index menu and will be read by km_dokey().
A simple approach to fix this would be to just use the same code as
in mutt_make_help(), which has no double-check. This would be no
worse than the help menu, but can generate an inaccurate error
message (e.g if '?' were bound to noop)
This patch instead uses OP_END_COND as a barrier in the unget
buffer. It directly inserts the keys in the OP_HELP keymap, instead
of using km_expand_key() + tokenize_unget_string(). After calling
km_dokey() it flushes the unget buffer to the OP_END_COND barrier.
Thanks to Walter Alejandro Iglesias for reporting the bug.
2017-04-26 15:40 -0700 Roger Cornelius <[email protected]> (9a0afe7815d1)
* mx.c: Fix error message when opening a mailbox with no read
permission. (closes #3934)
ctx->mx_ops ends up being NULL for both the case that ctx->magic is
0 and -1. This meant the mutt_perror() error message was never being
printed, because the check for ctx->mx_ops == NULL was taking place
Move the "ctx->magic == -1" check first, so mutt will print out an
appropriate perror message in that case.
2017-04-18 16:15 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (2c57a7b4dc0b)
* .hgsigs: mutt-1.8.2 signed
2017-04-18 16:14 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (455a698f274b)
* .hgtags: Added tag mutt-1-8-2-rel for changeset c6ea4aed6bec
2017-04-18 16:14 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (c6ea4aed6bec)
* ChangeLog, UPDATING, VERSION: automatic post-release commit for
2017-04-18 12:25 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (33995363e723)
* filter.c, init.c, pgp.c, protos.h: Fix GPG_TTY to be added to
......@@ -8,6 +8,10 @@
The keys used are:
!: modified feature, -: deleted feature, +: new feature
1.8.3 (2017-05-30):
! Bug fix release.
1.8.2 (2017-04-18):
! Bug fix release.
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