Commit 58a67eb3 authored by Michael Elkins's avatar Michael Elkins

rfc2047 encode recipient list in resent-to header field. closes #3512

parent 075b26aa
......@@ -2566,7 +2566,7 @@ static int _mutt_bounce_message (FILE *fp, HEADER *h, ADDRESS *to, const char *r
int mutt_bounce_message (FILE *fp, HEADER *h, ADDRESS *to)
ADDRESS *from;
ADDRESS *from, *resent_to;
const char *fqdn = mutt_fqdn (1);
char resent_from[STRING];
int ret;
......@@ -2598,8 +2598,17 @@ int mutt_bounce_message (FILE *fp, HEADER *h, ADDRESS *to)
rfc822_write_address (resent_from, sizeof (resent_from), from, 0);
ret = _mutt_bounce_message (fp, h, to, resent_from, from);
* prepare recipient list. idna conversion appears to happen before this
* function is called, since the user receives confirmation of the address
* list being bounced to.
resent_to = rfc822_cpy_adr(to, 0);
rfc2047_encode_adrlist(resent_to, "Resent-To");
ret = _mutt_bounce_message (fp, h, resent_to, resent_from, from);
rfc822_free_address (&resent_to);
rfc822_free_address (&from);
return ret;
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