Commit 547656da authored by Paul Walker's avatar Paul Walker

Fix more compiler warnings on amd64 by use of %p instead of %x

parent 780e282f
......@@ -1600,14 +1600,14 @@ int count_body_parts (BODY *body, int flags)
bp->attach_qualifies = shallcount ? 1 : 0;
dprint(5, (debugfile, "cbp: %08x shallcount = %d\n", (unsigned int)bp, shallcount));
dprint(5, (debugfile, "cbp: %p shallcount = %d\n", (void *)bp, shallcount));
if (shallrecurse)
dprint(5, (debugfile, "cbp: %08x pre count = %d\n", (unsigned int)bp, count));
dprint(5, (debugfile, "cbp: %p pre count = %d\n", (void *)bp, count));
bp->attach_count = count_body_parts(bp->parts, flags & ~M_PARTS_TOPLEVEL);
count += bp->attach_count;
dprint(5, (debugfile, "cbp: %08x post count = %d\n", (unsigned int)bp, count));
dprint(5, (debugfile, "cbp: %p post count = %d\n", (void *)bp, count));
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