Commit 47d09daf authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

Fix a segmentation fault when viewing message/rfc822 attachments

from the compose screen.
parent 5fa9d8a6
......@@ -314,7 +314,7 @@ int mutt_view_attachment (FILE *fp, BODY *a, int flag)
is_message = mutt_is_message_type(a->type, a->subtype);
#ifdef _PGPPATH
if (is_message && (a->hdr->pgp & PGPENCRYPT) && !pgp_valid_passphrase())
if (is_message && a->hdr && (a->hdr->pgp & PGPENCRYPT) && !pgp_valid_passphrase())
return (rc);
#endif /* _PGPPATH */
use_mailcap = (flag == M_MAILCAP ||
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