Commit 43607252 authored by Paul Walker's avatar Paul Walker

Use %p instead of %x to debug-print pointers (fixes warnings on 64bit platforms)

parent 7a1178de
......@@ -943,8 +943,8 @@ static int parse_attach_list (BUFFER *buf, BUFFER *s, LIST **ldata, BUFFER *err)
/* Find the last item in the list that data points to. */
lastp = NULL;
dprint(5, (debugfile, "parse_attach_list: ldata = %08x, *ldata = %08x\n",
(unsigned int)ldata, (unsigned int)*ldata));
dprint(5, (debugfile, "parse_attach_list: ldata = %p, *ldata = %p\n",
(void *)ldata, (void *)*ldata));
for (listp = *ldata; listp; listp = listp->next)
a = (ATTACH_MATCH *)listp->data;
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