Commit 34cd43c3 authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.12.2

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2019-09-21 12:27:57 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (6931c1ad)
* Update UPDATING file for 1.12.2 release.
2019-09-09 18:32:59 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (c65c12be)
* Fix mutt_write_mime_body() application/pgp-encrypted handling.
It would blindly overwrite any attachment with that type, as if it
were the version label part of a multipart/encrypted message.
However attachments with extenstion .gpg are labeled that type if
$mime_type_query_command is set to "xdg-mime query filetype". This
would cause the attachment to be overwritten too.
Add a check for a missing body->filename, which should only be the
case for the manually constructed part.
M sendlib.c
2019-09-01 16:58:46 +0200 Gero Treuner <[email protected]> (472324f8)
* add fallback for inotify_init1
M monitor.c
M monitor.h
2019-08-28 14:41:26 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (4c2f7c70)
* Fix inotify configure test.
AC_CHECK_FUNCS executes "action-if-found" or "action-if-not-found" for
each function in the list. If a system has some but not all of the
functions, both will end up being executed.
This caused a build failure on an older system with exactly that
Change to only define USE_INOTIFY if all functions exist.
2019-07-25 18:18:08 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (588f8d69)
* Fix accidental fall-through for <quote-char> if aborted.
If <quote-char> was aborted, it was falling through to the
<transpose-chars> function.
This problem was introduced 19 years when the <transpose-chars> case
was moved below <quote-char>. Previously it fell through to the
default case which beeped.
M enter.c
2019-06-28 12:57:24 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (f3ec740d)
* Don't read or save history if $history_file isn't set.
M history.c
2019-06-22 14:57:36 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (840b813f)
* Make sure mailcap test %s is sanitized.
It's not clear to me if %s is allowed as part of a test field.
However since we are passing the attachment filename, we should
sanitize it first.
M rfc1524.c
2019-06-22 12:35:58 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (a99a75b7)
* Fix compose and edit attachment symlink failure code.
In the case where safe_symlink() fail, mutt prompts to continue, but
did not properly reset the filename to be operated on.
Fix up mutt_view_attachment() to use the same flow as the others, to
allow for easier comparison.
M attach.c
2019-06-22 10:09:02 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (2fd320a8)
* Fix send-mode printing when expand_filename() returns 1.
It will return this when a nametemplate entry already matched the
passed in filename. So this bug required both a print entry and an
already matching nametemplate entry to trigger.
M attach.c
2019-06-15 09:12:15 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (38e7c257)
* automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.12.1
M ChangeLog
2019-06-15 09:02:36 -0700 Kevin McCarthy <[email protected]> (e299de25)
* Update UPDATING file for 1.12.1 release.
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