Commit 31acea86 authored by rtc's avatar rtc

When deleting attachments, always print newline separating header from body.

Closes #3085.
parent db03d3b8
2008-06-29 01:09 -0700 Brendan Cully <[email protected]> (677e7712d735)
* crypt-gpgme.c: Improve gpgme SMIME uid display: align each line by
the length of the first.
* crypt-gpgme.c: Show more information about problematic SMIME
signatures under gpgme. Also warn if the key is not known to be
good. For some reason expired keys in my environment are not
flagged as expired in sig->status or sig->summary.
2008-06-28 20:33 -0700 Brendan Cully <[email protected]> (1492c24f2a4e)
* mutt_ssl_gnutls.c: Extract CN from client certificate in gnutls.
......@@ -572,7 +572,9 @@ _mutt_copy_message (FILE *fpout, FILE *fpin, HEADER *hdr, BODY *body,
if (new_lines <= 0)
new_lines = 0;
fprintf (fpout, "Lines: %d\n\n", new_lines);
fprintf (fpout, "Lines: %d\n", new_lines);
putc ('\n', fpout);
if (ferror (fpout) || feof (fpout))
return -1;
new_offset = ftello (fpout);
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