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    Add $browser_abbreviate_mailboxes. · 69959820
    Kevin J. McCarthy authored
    This allows '=' and '~' mailboxes shortcuts to be turned off in the
    browser mailbox list.
    The default $sort_browser value of "alpha" uses strcoll(3), which
    ignores some punctuation.  When using multiple accounts with
    dynamically changing values of $folder, this can lead to an
    unintuitive sorting order.  (See issue #22 for an example.)
    This problem came about because of commit 8328ce68, which enabled
    mutt_pretty_mailbox() calls for IMAP and POP mailboxes too.  The
    commit had a valid point about consistency and too-wide mailbox
    listings, so I don't really want to revert it.
    This option provides an alternative to completely enable/disable the
    shortcuts for those who run into an issue.
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