Commit 6d7d21cc authored by Mudar Noufal's avatar Mudar Noufal

Updated Realm migration schema

parent bac93547
......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ package;
import ca.mudar.mtlaucasou.model.RealmPlacemark;
import io.realm.DynamicRealm;
import io.realm.DynamicRealmObject;
import io.realm.FieldAttribute;
import io.realm.RealmMigration;
import io.realm.RealmObjectSchema;
import io.realm.RealmSchema;
......@@ -41,17 +42,17 @@ public class RealmSchemaMigration implements RealmMigration {
if (oldVersion == 10 && newVersion == 11) {
* v11 added string field `dataType` to v10
* v11 added string field `layerType` to v10
final RealmObjectSchema placemarkSchema = schema.get("RealmPlacemark");
// Add the `dataType` field, and set its value to `mapType`.
// Add the `layerType` field, and set its migration value to `mapType`.
// Placemarks in v10 didn't have mixed types yet.
.addField(RealmPlacemark.FIELD_DATA_TYPE, String.class)
.addField(RealmPlacemark.FIELD_LAYER_TYPE, String.class, FieldAttribute.INDEXED)
.transform(new RealmObjectSchema.Function() {
public void apply(DynamicRealmObject obj) {
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