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# Profile
## Profile
Organized, detail oriented, quality focused software engineer with over four years of experience. Highly proficient at Java and related development tools. Deep understanding of good software design principles, design patterns, and API design.
*Contact*: recruitment[at]
# Work Experience
## Work Experience
### [Cerner Corporation](, Kansas City, MO `Aug 2013-present`
- Senior Software Engineer `Oct 2017-present`
- Software Engineer `Aug 2013-Oct 2017`
- (Aug 2013-present) RevenueCycle Registration Team; front-end desktop application written in Java
- (Jan 2017-present) re-writing of another major foundation piece of our codebase which will allow part of our application to be run in a web browser
- (Oct 2015-present) mentoring new hires in the DevAcademy
- (Jun 2016-Sep 2016) helped in the re-architecturing of a major foundation of our code base
- (Jun 2016) traveled to India with my team's architect to help train new members of our team at our India location
- Software Engineer Intern `May 2012-Aug 2012`
- RevenueCycle Registration Team
# Volunteer Experience
## Volunteer Experience
### [The Children's Mercy Hospital](, Kansas City, MO `Sep 2016-present`
- Child Life Volunteer
- three hours per weekend
- visit childrens' rooms, checking on patients and families
- playing games, doing crafts, sitting with the children
# Certifications
### [TEALS]( Teaching Assistant, Kansas City, MO `Jul 2017-present`
- Blue Springs High School `Aug 2017-May 2018`
- two mornings per week
- assisted with the CSA (Java-based) and CSP (computer science principles) courses
- assisted teacher with curriculum, lesson plans, class discussions, and grading
# Skills
## Certifications
- Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer `Jun 2017`
# Education
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## Skills
Java | Eclipse SWT | Eclipse EMF | Eclipse IDE | SVN | Maven | Jenkins | mentoring and teaching | some Python
## Education
### Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS `Aug 2009-May 2013`
- B.S., Software Engineering `May 2013`
- Minor, Business `May 2013`
## References
- available upon request
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