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Start working on the dev meetup talk

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% What is a Backend? A selective guided tour through terminology, approaches, and technology
% Victor Adossi
% April, 2019
# What is a backend?
# It starts with a "simple" question
- What happens when you type
# The End
Thanks for listening to my ~~TED~~ talk!
# whoami
If you've got any corrections, complaints, or comments, feel free to reach me using the information below:
Victor Adossi ([email protected])
GPG: ED874DE957CFB552
I run a couple small consultancies to support businesses in Japan and the USA.
.PHONY: all 2018-04-mercari-dev-meetup
all: 2018-04-mercari-dev-meetup-html 2018-04-mercari-dev-meetup-pdf
RESOURCE_PATH ?= .:pandoc-resources
pandoc \
-t revealjs \
--resource-path $(RESOURCE_PATH) \
--self-contained \
-s 2018/04/ \
-o dist/2018/04/mercari-backend-meetup.html
pandoc \
-t beamer \
--resource-path $(RESOURCE_PATH) \
--self-contained \
-s 2018/04/ \
-o dist/2018/04/mercari-backend-meetup.pdf
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