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% Just use Postgres
% Victor Adossi
% June, 2019
# Roadmap #
- What is Postgres?
- Why Postgres?
- Why not Postgres?
- Relational Data
- Document Storage
- Graph
- Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
- K/V store
- Log Storage
- Time Series Data
# Disclaimer #
I wasn't personally writing software in 1990/1997, and I'm not a computer science/sofware engineering historian. We're going to discuss in very broad strokes, and there will be mistakes.
If you notice some inaccuracies, write them down/keep them in mind until the end and my email will be available so you can enlighten me (and I'll update the slides).
# What is Postgres? #
Postgres is the most advanced open source database that's ever existed. It's developed in the open, and maintained by the community. There are a few large contributors in the space:
- 2nd Quadrant
- Citus Data (acquired by MS in January)
A few features set postgres apart:
- Extensibility
- Process-per-connection
- Elephant mascot
# Why Postgres? #
There are lots of reasons to use Postgres:
- No vendor, hence no vendor lock in
# Why Not Postgres? #
There are also reasons to not use Postgres:
- No vendor, so no vendor to pay to help (you do have 2nd Quadrant and other Postgres consultancies though)
# Relational Data #
# Things you should also probably "just use" or "try" #
- Gitlab
- Typescript (if you're using NodeJS)
- Haskell
- Rust
# The End #
Thanks for listening
# whoami
If you've got any corrections, complaints, or comments, feel free to reach me using the information below:
Victor Adossi ([email protected], [email protected])
GPG: ED874DE957CFB552
I run a couple very small consultancies to support businesses in Japan and the USA:
Need help getting your organization to the present/future? I can help with that.
Need help getting your organization to the past? I probably can't help with that.
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