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[ TODO: MithMail webp ]
This project goes with the [Mithril SystemJS and Rollup guide post over @](). It's meant to be a demo of how to run the relatively simple combination of [Mithril](, [SystemJS](
, and [Rollup]( all together to write modern [Single Page Applications (SPAs)](
, and [Parcel]( all together to write modern [Single Page Applications (SPAs)](
Here are the pieces and how they fit together:
......@@ -15,4 +15,20 @@ For more background on these tools, check out their doucmentation/websites below
[SystemJS (v2.0+)](
## Development ##
Development work flow consists of starting the following:
$ yarn build-watch # in the background/another window so you can see output
$ yarn serve # in the background/another window
$ emacs -nw <file> # the lightest operating system you'll ever use which also happens to edit text
## FAQ ##
**What happened to [Rollup](**
Well half way through I decided after fiddling with Rollup and it's various plugins that facilitate front end development I realized how bad the usage story was in comparison to [Parcel]( (which I've used in the past) -- so I decided to use parcel for the main branch and make an offshoot that switches to Rollup (if I do it at all). The concrete advantages of Rollup over Parcel seem to be few and far between these days so while I like Rollup (or more precisely I am a fan of [SystemJS]( and the integration it had with [JSPM]( of old), I'm not going to torture myself (and by proxy any readers) setting up Rollup (I'm doing it from scratch) when Parcel offers an easy and relatively equally functional alternative.
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