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To deploy a new version of xplode to homebrew:
* tag commit to be released in xplode repo
* `git push --tags`
* open Formula/xplode.rb in mplorentz/tap repository
* Replace tag string in old `url` with new tag
* Compute a shasum of the new payload `wget -qO- {tar_gz_url} | shasum -a 256 | pbcopy`. Put it in the `sha256` field.
* Commit & push xplode.rb
......@@ -27,6 +27,11 @@ From source:
Open Terminal and type `xplode`
## Updating
1. `brew update`
2. `brew upgrade xplode`
## Notes
* Xplode may not quit or restart Xcode properly if you have multiple versions of it open.
* Xplode will `rm -rf` your entire DerivedData folder which holds the derived data for all your Xcode projects.
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