Prioritized Labels
  • high-priority
    Issues related to work that is of the high priority. (A good example is a hot-fix or a high user-impact bug). Public / Pressroom
  • public release blocker Public / Pressroom
  • bug Public
  • enhancement
    Issues related to new features or improvements to existing features. Public / Pressroom
  • low-priority
    Issues related to work that is of low priority. Public / Pressroom
  • Other Labels
  • api-v2 Public / Pressroom
  • authorea Public
  • critical Public
  • deployment
    Issues related to the deployment pipeline and/or architecture. Public / Pressroom
  • documentation
    Issues related to updates to the API or source code documentation. Public / Pressroom
  • feature Public
  • html-poc Public
  • Public / Pressroom
  • needs-design
    An issue that needs design input Public
  • sync Public
  • techdebt
    Issues related to refactoring to reduce tech-debt in the codebase. Public / Pressroom
  • ui Public