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This is the PinaVM SystemC front-end. The home page can be found at
Welcome to the project PinaVM. PinaVM is a prototype of a
[SystemC]( front-end based on
[LLVM]( It is somehow the successor of
[Pinapa](, although the
projects do not share any code.
PinaVM is still a prototype, and doesn't have very good user
documentation as of now. However, interested users can read:
Please, read doc/INSTALL for installation instructions.
- [PinaVM: a SystemC Front-End Based on an Executable Intermediate
published at EMSOFT 2010 (see also
the associated technical report\])
- [A Theoretical and Experimental Review of SystemC
published at FDL 2010 (see also
the associated technical report\])
- [Efficient Encoding of SystemC/TLM in
published at DATICS-IMECS 2011 (see also
Research report about one of the back-ends of PinaVM the associated
technical report\])
PinaVM can be downloaded either via [Git]( (see
[instructions](, or [browse
online]( or as a
tarball at
It is primarily developed on Linux, but works on Mac OS X too.
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