Commit 1a596572 authored by giannozz's avatar giannozz

Merge branch 'mpglobal' into 'develop'

Unused and confusing "what_band_group" variable deleted from MPI initialization

See merge request QEF/q-e!302
parents 2b4cea85 cc985e70
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ PROGRAM main
! ... initialize MPI (parallel processing handling)
CALL mp_startup ( diag_in_band_group = .true. , what_band_group = 0 )
CALL mp_startup ( diag_in_band_group = .true. )
! ... start the environment
......@@ -1371,6 +1371,11 @@ The branch may be automatically removed after the merge (set the appropriate
option if you approve your merge) or using \verb|git branch -d |
{\em my-new-branch}.
Note: if a merge request is pending and you push further changes to the
branch to be merged, the merge request will be automatically updated.
If this is not what you want, commit to a different branch, or wait
until the merge is done.
It may be a good idea to align your branch to the current development
version before the merge request. If you have modified a file that has
meanwhile been modified in the repository, a conflict will arise. You
......@@ -1382,7 +1387,7 @@ can use \texttt{git stash} to resolve the conflict:
Beware! you may need to manually merge files that have been modified both
by you and in the repository. \texttt{git stash -l} list all stashed
changes in reverese chronological order. The stash can be cleared using
changes in reverse chronological order. The stash can be cleared using
\texttt{git stash clear}.
Note: if you do not change sources but only documentation, tests, examples,
......@@ -1390,15 +1395,18 @@ add \verb|[skip ci]| in the commit message. This prevents execution of
automatic compilation on GitLab (that sometimes fails for no good reason,
blocking a subsequent merge request).
Note: a commit message containing \verb|[fixes issue #N]| should
automatically mark issue N to as solved once it is merged.
\subsection{Working directly into the develop branch}
Only for people knowing what they are doing (or ready to fix the mess in case
they didn't know what they were doing):
NOT RECOMMENDED - only for people knowing what they are doing
(or ready to fix the mess in case they didn't know what they were doing):
\item \verb|git clone [email protected]:QEF/q-e.git| if not already done
\item Ensure you switch to the ``develop'' branch:
\verb|git checkout --track origin/develop|
\item Work on it as in the previous subsection
\item When you are ready, \verb|git push|
\item When you are ready, commit and push.
\subsection{A few useful commands}
# Makefile for KS_Solvers
sinclude ../
# the following directive prevents execution of this makefiile in parallel
# Problem is, libks_solvers.a depends upon all libdavid libcg etc, but if
# those dependencies are added explicitly to libks_solvers.a, the library
# is relinked every time, forcing relinking of many executables; if not,
# parallel make may execute libks_solvers.a before all other lib* complete
default: all
all: libdavid_rci libdavid libcg libppcg libparo libnewsolver libks_solvers.a
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ MODULE mp_global
SUBROUTINE mp_startup ( my_world_comm, start_images, diag_in_band_group, what_band_group )
SUBROUTINE mp_startup ( my_world_comm, start_images, diag_in_band_group )
! ... This wrapper subroutine initializes all parallelization levels.
! ... If option with_images=.true., processes are organized into images,
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ CONTAINS
! ... IMPORTANT NOTICE 1: since the command line is read here, it may be
! ... convenient to call it in serial execution as well
! ... IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: most parallelization levels are initialized here
! ... but they should be moved to a later stage
! ... but at least some will be moved to a later stage
USE command_line_options, ONLY : get_command_line, &
nimage_, npool_, ndiag_, nband_, ntg_, nyfft_
......@@ -64,21 +64,14 @@ CONTAINS
INTEGER, INTENT(IN), OPTIONAL :: my_world_comm
LOGICAL, INTENT(IN), OPTIONAL :: diag_in_band_group
INTEGER, INTENT(IN), OPTIONAL :: what_band_group
LOGICAL :: do_images
LOGICAL :: do_diag_in_band
INTEGER :: my_comm
INTEGER :: what_band_group_
LOGICAL :: do_distr_diag_inside_bgrp
my_comm = MPI_COMM_WORLD
IF ( PRESENT(my_world_comm) ) my_comm = my_world_comm
what_band_group_ = 1
IF( PRESENT( what_band_group ) ) THEN
what_band_group_ = what_band_group
CALL mp_world_start( my_comm )
CALL get_command_line ( )
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