• Added support for World Tour's TOUCHPLATE pals 2 and 3. This makes it possible to beat WT maps if you have the appropriate tiles loaded.
  • Added eduke32.dat file, which contains widescreen fixes for the status bar, frag bar, and weapons in vanilla gameplay.
  • Added the ability to load tiles if the tile it's replacing has a specific CRC.
  • Added LAN Mode to DiscordLauncher
  • Added colored text to DiscordLauncher to make some things stand out more.
  • Backported Q16 support for horizontal aim. Mouse should feel even smoother now.
  • Fixed a crash caused by third person mode
  • Fixed view jitter when mouse aim is off and you moved off a slope.
  • Fixed several crashes in DiscordLauncher.
  • Fixed support for several Windows 7 builds in DiscordLauncher.

NOTE: This version contains and updated readme! I suggest reading it.