• Different Netcode! Uses the rancidmeat networking code, like duke3d_w32/xDuke/hDuke/nDuke, and late EDuke32 before it was removed. This netcode is much more reliable and responsive than the one from older versions, at least as far as I can tell so far.
  • Fixed a missing map sync check in sync.c, this should let players know if there's a discrepancy between maps when playing different versions of the same map.
  • Fixed food tray props (FOODOBJECT3), and a few other floor-aligned sprites from floating up into the air infinitely. (Thanks Fox for finding the culprit code)
  • Backported EVENT_SOUND from modern EDuke32. This is useful for sound randomization, adding custom menu sounds/overriding any hardcoded sounds. This is an unsynched event, so you muse use displayrandom in your CON code to prevent de-syncs.
  • Backported "rendmode" gamevar from modern EDuke32. This is useful for checking in display code what renderer is being used. This is in preparation for supporting the Duke64 TC later down the road. (If I ever get there).

Discord Launcher changes:

  • Added the ability to force a manual connection with EDuke32 itself, if it failed to connect or launch for some reason.