• Set OpenGL to be the default renderer, as it's the most stable.
  • Added support for sprite cstat 2048. (No Shade. N key in mapster32.)
  • Added support for the "actorsound" CON command.
  • Added instructions for the -net command in the help menu. (-? command line parameter)
  • Fixed being unable to fire the shotgun in some cases, like when autoswitching from a shrinker.
  • Fixed sprites disappearing prematurely behind masked walls.
  • Fixed some sounds restarting by movement after being stopped.
  • Fixed rendering seam in the scuba gear HUD element.
  • Fixed not being able to toggle music in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a hang relating to Tripmines.
  • Fixed a hang relating to the Polymost renderer.
  • Fixed "Not responding" when the game window is out of focus.
  • Fixed keys being stuck when returning to the game after alt-tabbing out.

NOTE: If you're having issues with the Discord Matchmaker on Windows 7, try Discord Canary. Also, make absolutely sure "Display currently running game as a status message" is enabled.

NOTE 2: If you downloaded this before 3:35PM on March 18th, please re-download it! Since I'm a fucking worthless idiot, I fucked up the discord launcher, and it needed fixing.

NOTE 3: If you downloaded before 4:07AM on March 9th, re-download. Turned off optimizations in 64-bit Linux Builds for now, fixing sync issues.