Commit 620aaeef authored by Mosè Giordano's avatar Mosè Giordano

Fix creation of build directory when building in RAM

The previous test just tested if the target directory was a symbolic
link, with the result that if the directory didn’t exist at all the
script exited.  Now we first check if the target is a symbolic link,
delete it, and then test if the target exists.
parent 2de6a041
......@@ -101,7 +101,12 @@ fi
# pre-existing symbolic link.
if [ -h $build_sym ]; then
# Delete a harmless symbolic link, if present.
rm $build_sym
if [ ! -e $build_sym ]; then
# Create the link only if the target doesn't exist.
ln -s $build_dir $build_sym
echo "$build_sym already exists here and is not a symbolic link."
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