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      Merge branch 'sras/#5-repl-handle-exceptions' into 'master' · b36dfe70
      Sandeep.C.R authored
      [#5] Handle possible error and add comments
      See merge request !504
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      [#5] Handle possible error and add comments · fe6f3f8e
      Sandeep.C.R authored and Sandeep.C.R's avatar Sandeep.C.R committed
      Problem: In pull request #466 we implemented a Morley REPL. But there
      one error condition was not handled. It also lacked some possible
      Solution: Handle the error condition and include comments.
      While implementing this PR, a small issue that resulted empty inputs
      as Morley instruction, and thus throwning an error, was also fixed.
      Some cleanup/refactoring were done as well.
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      Merge branch 'diogo/#289-refactor-error-types' into 'master' · 8c95c571
      Diogo Castro authored
      [#289] Refactor Morley.Nettest errors types
      Closes #289
      See merge request !505
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      [#289] Refactor Morley.Nettest errors types · 2c62287d
      Diogo Castro authored
      Problem: At the moment, `expectFailure` accepts `UnexpectedBalance` and
      `UnexpectedClientSuccess` as args, even though it doesn't make sense to
      expectBalance n `expectFailure` NettestUnexpectedBalance x
      Solution: Split `NettestFailure` into two types: one for errors thrown
      by the interpreter/client (that the user can expect to happen and
      handle), and another for errors thrown by cleveland when an assertion
      fails (which should not be caught, only displayed in the console).
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      Merge branch 'rvem/#291-repl-in-morley-sh' into 'master' · fb8c4747
      Roman Melnikov authored
      [#291] Repl in morley sh
      Closes #291
      See merge request !506
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      [#5] Fix exit instructions · f2dc5095
      Roman Melnikov authored
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      [#291] Update bats tests · 112ffc9f
      Roman Melnikov authored
      Problem: We have more-or-less complicated mechanism for passing files
      when running `morley repl`, it should be tested.
      Solution: Add simple test repl run to the test-docker.bats
    • Roman Melnikov's avatar
      [#291] Stack info files inside docker container · 7cd68f0f
      Roman Melnikov authored
      Problem: `morley repl` can be easily used inside docker container but
      with one limitation about stack dump files, they can be used inside
      docker container but cannot be extracted from it once the repl have
      finished its work.
      Solution: Add `--map-dir` option that mounts directory on the host
      filesystem with directory /<dirname> in container filesystem,
      thus files can be extracted from the stopped docker container.
      This leads to a limitation that snapshots that needs to be saved should
      be in the `/<dirname>`.
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      Merge branch 'pasqu4le/#160-unbalanced-generic-deriving' into 'master' · 5bec4bad
      Pinto Pasquale authored
      [#160] add deriving of unbalanced Generic instances
      Closes #160
      See merge request !486
    • Pinto Pasquale's avatar
      [#160] add deriving of unbalanced Generic instances · 4f49b0fe
      Pinto Pasquale authored
      Problem: IsoValue instances can be automatically derived, this is
      based on the Generic representation of a type.
      Generic instance are derived forming a balance tree, which results
      in a balanced complex IsoValue, however we sometimes want to control
      the shape of this IsoValue tree.
      Solution: add a module implementing the feature of automatic deriving
      of unbalanced Generic instances using Template Haskell.
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      Merge branch 'rvem/#266-more-docker-images' into 'master' · f11586e8
      Roman Melnikov authored
      [#266] Docker image with morley-debugger
      See merge request !496
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      [#266] Update README · 741550cd
      Roman Melnikov authored
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      [#266] Build and test morley-debugger image in CI · e8650883
      Roman Melnikov authored
      Problem: Now we have docker image for morley-debugger and script wrapper
      for it. We should automate image uploading and testing.
      Solution: Add stage for uploading docker image with morley-debugger
      to the repository image registry. Also add simple test to the
    • Roman Melnikov's avatar
      [#266] Add wrapper for morley-debugger image · 197fccb7
      Roman Melnikov authored
      Problem: It isn't comfortable to work with plain docker image due to
      necessity of mapping files outside and inside docker container.
      Solution: Add `morley-debugger.sh` which is quite similar to existing
      `morley.sh` but much simpler. It automatically updates docker image if
      it's old and maps files outside and inside docker container for
      convenient contracts' files passing.
    • Roman Melnikov's avatar
      [#266] Add docker image for morley-debugger · b0876af2
      Roman Melnikov authored
      Problem: We want to have a nice way to distribute our debugger. Building
      project from scratch doesn't sound like a good idea.
      Solution: Add a way to build docker image with morley-debugger. Such
      approach is a bit better that producing static binaries. At first,
      docker can easily upgrade images without reuploading maunally. At
      second, it more cross-platform.
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