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wells_hw - production well heterogeneity
wells_hwp - production and observaiton well heterogeneity
WELLS: Multi-well variable-rate pumping-test analysis tool
* WELLS is a C code for multi-well variable-rate pumping test analysis based on analytical methods.
* WELLS computes drawdown in confined, unconfined and leaky aquifers through a variety of analytical solutions.
* WELLS considers fully or partially penetrating pumping and observation wells. It also includes wellbore storage capacity of pumping wells.
* WELLS can simulate variable-rate pumping tests where the variable rate is approximated either as piecewise linear or as step changes. It can also handle standard exponential and sinusoidal changes in pumping rates.
* WELLS utilizes the principle of superposition to account for transients in the pumping regime and to include multiple sources/sinks (e.g. pumping wells).
* WELLS combines the use of the principle of superposition and method of images to represent constant head or no flow boundaries.
* WELLS accounts for an exponential or linear temporal trend in simulated water levels to account for non-pumping influences (e.g. long-term aquifer recharge or discharge trend).
* WELLS is a unix-style code with command-line interface. It has been tested and applied using various operating systems (Microsoft Windows (32/64), Cygwin, Linux and Mac OS X).
brew install gsl
wells_hw - production well heterogeneity
wells_hwp - production and observation well heterogeneity
LA-UR-11-11478; LA-CC-10-019; LA-CC-11-098