Commit 9df07ef6 authored by Francesco Montanari's avatar Francesco Montanari

Add lookback time

* cosmo.el (cosmo--lookback-time-integrand, cosmo-get-lookback-time,
  cosmo-lookback-time): Add lookback time.
parent ffdd841c
......@@ -247,7 +247,7 @@ Optional argument JMAX maximum number of steps."
(/ 9.78e2 H0)))
(defun cosmo-hubble-time ()
"Display Hubble distance 1/H0 [yr] in mini-buffer."
"Display Hubble distance 1/H0 in mini-buffer."
(message (format "%s Gyr" (cosmo-get-hubble-time))))
......@@ -358,6 +358,24 @@ Argument OCURVATURE curvature density parameter."
(message (format "%s Mpc^3"
(cosmo-get-comoving-volume z)))))
(defun cosmo--lookback-time-integrand (redshift)
"Loockback time integrand."
(/ (cosmo-inv-efunc redshift) (1+ redshift)))
(defun cosmo-get-lookback-time (redshift)
"Lookback time [Gyr] for Lambda-CDM at a given REDSHIFT."
(let ((tH (cosmo-get-hubble-time))
(int (cosmo-qsimp #'cosmo--lookback-time-integrand 0.0 redshift
cosmo-int-prec cosmo-int-maxsteps)))
(* tH int)))
(defun cosmo-lookback-time ()
"Display comoving volume in mini-buffer."
(let ((z (cosmo--read-param "redshift")))
(message (format "%s Gyr"
(cosmo-get-lookback-time z)))))
;;; Handle output.
(defun cosmo--write-calc-header ()
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