Commit 40a88af0 authored by Francesco Montanari's avatar Francesco Montanari

Add age of the Universe

* cosmo.el (cosmo--age-integrand, cosmo-get-age, cosmo-age): Add age
  of the Universe. So far it is approximated as the age since redshift
  1000. Integrating up to larger redshifts is time consuming and most
  likely useless. However, this should be generalized (it may be
  inconsistent for exotic cosmologies).
parent 9df07ef6
......@@ -358,24 +358,41 @@ Argument OCURVATURE curvature density parameter."
(message (format "%s Mpc^3"
(cosmo-get-comoving-volume z)))))
(defun cosmo--lookback-time-integrand (redshift)
(defun cosmo--age-integrand (redshift)
"Loockback time integrand."
(/ (cosmo-inv-efunc redshift) (1+ redshift)))
(defun cosmo-get-lookback-time (redshift)
"Lookback time [Gyr] for Lambda-CDM at a given REDSHIFT."
(let ((tH (cosmo-get-hubble-time))
(int (cosmo-qsimp #'cosmo--lookback-time-integrand 0.0 redshift
(int (cosmo-qsimp #'cosmo--age-integrand 0.0 redshift
cosmo-int-prec cosmo-int-maxsteps)))
(* tH int)))
(defun cosmo-lookback-time ()
"Display comoving volume in mini-buffer."
"Display lookback time in mini-buffer."
(let ((z (cosmo--read-param "redshift")))
(message (format "%s Gyr"
(cosmo-get-lookback-time z)))))
(defun cosmo-get-age (redshift)
"Age of the Universe [Gyr] for Lambda-CDM at a given REDSHIFT.
This is approximated as the age from the recombination redshift
(roughly) set to 1000."
(let* ((tH (cosmo-get-hubble-time))
(zrec 1e3)
(int (cosmo-qsimp #'cosmo--age-integrand redshift zrec
cosmo-int-prec cosmo-int-maxsteps)))
(* tH int)))
(defun cosmo-age ()
"Display age of the Universe in mini-buffer."
(let ((z (cosmo--read-param "redshift")))
(message (format "%s Gyr"
(cosmo-get-age z)))))
;;; Handle output.
(defun cosmo--write-calc-header ()
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