Commit 045c8d37 authored by Francesco Montanari's avatar Francesco Montanari

Add parallax distance and comoving volume

* cosmo.el (cosmo-asinh): Inverse hyperbolic sine.

* cosmo.el (cosmo-get-parallax-distance, cosmo-parallax-distance):
  Parallax distance.

* cosmo.el (cosmo--get-comoving-volume-nonflat,
  cosmo-get-comoving-volume): Comoving volume. Still need to add
  interactive command and tests.
parent 412d28db
......@@ -182,6 +182,10 @@ Important constants
"Hyperbolic sine of real arguments X."
(* 0.5 (- (exp x) (exp (- x)))))
(defun cosmo-asinh (x)
"Inverse hyperbolic sine of real arguments X."
(log (+ x (sqrt (1+ (* x x))))))
(defun cosmo--trapzd (func lo hi sum niter)
"Extended trapezoidal rule to integrate FUNC from LO to HI.
Compute the refinement to an old SUM result, previous to the
......@@ -350,6 +354,46 @@ Optional argument JMAX maximum number of steps."
(message (format "%s Mpc"
(cosmo-get-luminosity-distance z)))))
(defun cosmo-get-parallax-distance (redshift)
"Parallax distance [Mpc] for Lambda-CDM at a given REDSHIFT."
(let* ((DH (cosmo-get-hubble-distance))
(DM (cosmo-get-transverse-comoving-distance redshift))
(dM (/ DM DH))
(ocurvature (cosmo-get-ocurvature)))
(/ DM (+ dM (sqrt (1+ (* ocurvature dM dM)))))))
(defun cosmo-parallax-distance ()
"Display parallax distance in mini-buffer."
(let ((z (cosmo--read-param "redshift")))
(message (format "%s Mpc"
(cosmo-get-parallax-distance z)))))
(defun cosmo--get-comoving-volume-nonflat (DM DH ocurvature)
"Return the comoving volume for non-vanishing curvature."
(let* ((DM-over-DH (/ DM DH))
(sqrt-ok (sqrt (abs (cosmo-get-ocurvature))))
(pref (* 2.0 float-pi (/ (expt DH 3.0) ocurvature)))
(func (cond ((> ocurvature 0.0)
((< ocurvature 0.0)
(t (error "Error: wrong curvature parameter value")))))
(setq term1 (* DM-over-DH
(sqrt (1+ (* ocurvature (expt DM-over-DH 2.0))))))
(setq term2 (/ (funcall func (* sqrt-ok DM-over-DH)) sqrt-ok))
(* pref (- term1 term2))
(defun cosmo-get-comoving-volume (redshift)
"Comoving volume [Mpc^3] for Lambda-CDM at a given REDSHIFT."
(let* ((DH (cosmo-get-hubble-distance))
(DM (cosmo-get-transverse-comoving-distance redshift))
(ocurvature (cosmo-get-ocurvature)))
(if (= ocurvature 0.0)
(* (/ 4.0 3.0) float-pi (expt DM 3.0))
(cosmo--get-comoving-volume-nonflat DM DH ocurvature))))
;;; Handle output.
(defun cosmo--write-calc-header ()
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