Commit 9e266603 authored by monnef's avatar monnef

Pulled over v0.4.0.

Improved quit to enter debug mode when running from editor.
Implemented get_cmd_args and parse_cmd_args.
Implemented format_time.
Improved format time - now accepts format strings for all parts (hours, minutes, seconds).
Implemented assert_eq.
Implemented rand_float and rand_int.
Removed string restriction on field name in get_fld and relatives.
Implemented average, min and max functions.
Implemented find_by_fld_val_or_null in GGA.
Implemented partition, is_GGArray and to_array_deep.
Improved get_node_or_null to support string and not spam error log.
Implemented easy reading of JSON files (read_json_file_or_error, read_json_file_or_null, read_json_file_or_crash).
Added support for context to partition function.
Fixed warning in GGArray, renamed max_int to MAX_INT, removed F from recommended imports, bumped version.
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