1. 23 Feb, 2017 1 commit
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      [FEATURE] Switch to PSR-2 · 96707e02
      Dan Untenzu authored
      Convert all PHP files to PSR-2, which defined
      a basic Coding Style Guide for PHP projects.
      Using the awesome friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer tool,
      running with the @PSR2 ruleset.
      1) script.php (no_spaces_after_function_name, braces)
      2) f.php (indentation_type, no_spaces_after_function_name, braces)
      3) install.php (indentation_type, function_declaration, elseif, no_spaces_after_function_name, braces)
      4) lib/functions.php (no_spaces_inside_parenthesis, method_argument_space, function_declaration, elseif, no_spaces_after_function_name, lowercase_constants, lowercase_keywords, braces, single_blank_line_at_eof)
      5) lib/functions.js.php (no_spaces_after_function_name)
      6) lib/lang.php (function_declaration, no_spaces_after_function_name, lowercase_constants, no_closing_tag, braces, single_blank_line_at_eof)
      7) lib/template/footer.php (braces)
      8) lib/config.local.bak.php (method_argument_space, no_spaces_after_function_name, no_closing_tag, single_blank_line_at_eof)
      9) lib/config.original.php (no_spaces_after_function_name, no_closing_tag, single_blank_line_at_eof)
      0) lib/settings.php (indentation_type, no_spaces_after_function_name, braces)
      1) lib/config.local.php (no_spaces_after_function_name, single_blank_line_at_eof)
      2) index.php (indentation_type, no_spaces_after_function_name, braces)
      3) admin.php (no_spaces_after_function_name, braces)
      4) tos.php (no_spaces_after_function_name, no_closing_tag, single_blank_line_at_eof)
      Refs #103
  2. 19 Jan, 2017 2 commits
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      [!!][FEATURE] Let admin overwrite the ToS page · 4a535542
      Dan Untenzu authored
      Let the admin overwrite the content of the
      "Terms of Service" page by copying the original ToS
      template and creating a local file (same procedure as
      for the configuration). This file is not versionized.
      Note: This is a breaking change, since the existing
      tos textfile is moved. This should be mentioned
      in the update comments.
        * ToS text file changed → move file from "/tos_text.php"
          to "/lib/tos.local.txt" and remove all HTML und PHP Tags,
          leaving a regular text file.
      Refs #95
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      [FEATURE] Move config include into settings file · af7e43a4
      Dan Untenzu authored
      Move the include of the original and the local
      configuration file into the settings file to reduce one
      includes in each file, have all settings in one place
      and remove unneccessary code from the config file
      (which makes it easier to copy and change it).
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