Commit faa31eb5 authored by François L's avatar François L Committed by Jérôme Jutteau

Translated using Weblate (Latin)

Currently translated at 33.0% (38 of 115 strings)
parent 76a8ff08
"Jirafeau, your web file repository": "",
"Jirafeau, your web file repository": "Jirafeau, web filibus depositum tuum",
"Select a file": "Selegi filum",
"Send": "Mittere",
"Uploading ...": "",
"Uploading ...": "Mittens ...",
"One time download": "",
"Password": "Tessera",
"Time limit": "",
"Maximum file size": "",
"powered by Open-Source project Jirafeau": "",
"Made with": "",
"Time limit": "Tempori limes",
"Maximum file size": "Maxima filo dimensio",
"powered by Open-Source project Jirafeau": "alimentato per Open-Source libelo Jirafeau",
"Made with": "Factum cum",
"Jirafeau Project": "Jirafeau Commisso",
"One minute": "Unum minutum",
"One hour": "Una hora",
"One day": "Uno die",
"One week": "",
"One week": "Una hebdomada",
"One month": "Unus mensis",
"One quarter": "",
"One year": "Unus annus",
"None": "Nullum",
"Upload password": "",
"File is too big": "",
"File size is limited to": "",
"Upload password": "Mitte tesseram",
"File is too big": "Filum nimis magnus est",
"File size is limited to": "Filo dimensioni limes est",
"The file directory is not writable": "",
"The link directory is not writable": "",
"The async directory is not writable!": "",
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@
"file": "filum",
"link": "",
"Type": "Genus",
"Size": "Magnitudo",
"Size": "Dimensio",
"Expire": "",
"Onetime": "",
"Upload date": "",
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