Commit fa9b63f0 authored by Oded's avatar Oded Committed by Jérôme Jutteau

Translated using Weblate (Hebrew)

Currently translated at 0.8% (1 of 112 strings)
parent d5b85f9c
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
"One hour": "",
"One day": "",
"One week": "",
"One month": "",
"One month": "חודש אחד",
"One quarter": "",
"One year": "",
"None": "",
......@@ -47,7 +47,6 @@
"Terms of Service": "",
"Warning, this file will self-destruct after being read": "",
"Internal error during file creation.": "",
"This file was generated by the install process. You can edit it. Please see config.original.php to understand the configuration items.": "",
"The following directory could not be created": "",
"You should create this directory manually.": "",
......@@ -74,8 +73,6 @@
"Choose the default language": "",
"Next step": "",
"Jirafeau has an administration interface (through admin.php). You can set a password to access the interface or leave it empty to disable the interface.": "",
"Administration password": "",
"Sorry, the admin interface is not enabled.": "",
"Sorry, you are not authenticated on admin interface.": "",
"Login": "",
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