Commit 8e1ce562 authored by François L's avatar François L Committed by Jérôme Jutteau

Translated using Weblate (Latin)

Currently translated at 41.7% (48 of 115 strings)
parent dc9f5ac6
......@@ -26,21 +26,21 @@
"The async directory is not writable!": "",
"Installer script still present": "",
"Please make sure to delete the installer script \"install.php\" before continuing.": "",
"An error occurred.": "",
"An error occurred.": "Error occurit.",
"File uploaded !": "",
"Download page": "",
"This file is valid until the following date": "",
"View link": "",
"View link": "Spectate ligaminem",
"Direct download link": "",
"Delete link": "",
"Download": "",
"Preview": "",
"Delete link": "Delete ligaminem",
"Download": "Extrahete",
"Preview": "Praespectate",
"Sorry, the requested file is not found": "",
"File not available.": "",
"File not available.": "Filum non praesto est.",
"Confirm deletion": "",
"You are about to delete": "",
"Delete": "Delere",
"File has been deleted.": "",
"File has been deleted.": "Filum deletus est.",
"The time limit of this file has expired.": "",
"Password protection": "Tesserae praesidium",
"Give the password of this file": "",
......@@ -58,9 +58,9 @@
"Here is a solution": "Ecce solutio",
"The local configuration file could not be created. Create a <code>lib/config.local.php</code> file and give the write permission to the web server (preferred solution), or give the write permission to the web server on the <code>lib</code> directory.": "",
"The local configuration is not writable by the web server. Give the write permission to the web server on the '<code>lib/config.local.php</code> file.": "",
"Installation of Jirafeau": "",
"Installation of Jirafeau": "Jirafeaui institutio",
"step": "gradus",
"out of": "",
"out of": "ex",
"Administration password": "",
"Finalisation": "",
"Jirafeau is setting the website according to the configuration you provided.": "",
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