Commit 76206e9b authored by François L's avatar François L Committed by Jérôme Jutteau

Translated using Weblate (Latin)

Currently translated at 24.3% (28 of 115 strings)
parent c3df575d
"Jirafeau, your web file repository": "",
"Select a file": "",
"Send": "",
"Select a file": "Selegi filum",
"Send": "Mittere",
"Uploading ...": "",
"One time download": "",
"Password": "",
"Password": "Tessera",
"Time limit": "",
"Maximum file size": "",
"powered by Open-Source project Jirafeau": "",
"Made with": "",
"Jirafeau Project": "",
"One minute": "",
"One hour": "",
"One day": "",
"Jirafeau Project": "Jirafeau Commisso",
"One minute": "Unum minutum",
"One hour": "Una hora",
"One day": "Uno die",
"One week": "",
"One month": "",
"One month": "Unus mensis",
"One quarter": "",
"One year": "",
"None": "",
"One year": "Unus annus",
"None": "Nullum",
"Upload password": "",
"File is too big": "",
"File size is limited to": "",
......@@ -39,46 +39,43 @@
"File not available.": "",
"Confirm deletion": "",
"You are about to delete": "",
"Delete": "",
"Delete": "Delere",
"File has been deleted.": "",
"The time limit of this file has expired.": "",
"Password protection": "",
"Password protection": "Tesserae praesidium",
"Give the password of this file": "",
"Access denied": "",
"Access denied": "Aditus prohibitus",
"You are about to download": "",
"By using our services, you accept our": "",
"Terms of Service": "",
"Warning, this file will self-destruct after being read": "",
"Internal error during file creation.": "",
"This file was generated by the install process. You can edit it. Please see config.original.php to understand the configuration items.": "",
"The following directory could not be created": "",
"You should create this directory manually.": "",
"The following directory is not writable": "",
"You should give the write permission to the web server on this directory.": "",
"Here is a solution": "",
"Here is a solution": "Ecce solutio",
"The local configuration file could not be created. Create a <code>lib/config.local.php</code> file and give the write permission to the web server (preferred solution), or give the write permission to the web server on the <code>lib</code> directory.": "",
"The local configuration is not writable by the web server. Give the write permission to the web server on the '<code>lib/config.local.php</code> file.": "",
"Installation of Jirafeau": "",
"step": "",
"step": "gradus",
"out of": "",
"Administration password": "",
"Finalisation": "",
"Jirafeau is setting the website according to the configuration you provided.": "",
"Previous step": "",
"Previous step": "Superiore gradus",
"Retry this step": "",
"Jirafeau is now fully operational": "",
"Information": "",
"Information": "Informatio",
"The base address of Jirafeau is the first part of the URL, until (and including) the last slash. For example: \"\". Do not forget the trailing slash!": "",
"Base address": "",
"The data directory is where your files and information about your files will be stored. You should put it outside your web site, or at least restrict the access to this directory. Do not forget the trailing slash!": "",
"Data directory": "",
"Jirafeau is internationalised. Choose a specific langage or choose Automatic (langage is provided by user's browser).": "",
"Choose the default language": "",
"Next step": "",
"Next step": "Gradus postera",
"Jirafeau has an administration interface (through admin.php). You can set a password to access the interface or leave it empty to disable the interface.": "",
"Administration password": "",
"Sorry, the admin interface is not enabled.": "",
"Sorry, you are not authenticated on admin interface.": "",
"Login": "",
......@@ -88,10 +85,10 @@
"Clean old unfinished transfers": "",
"Clean": "",
"Search files by name": "",
"Search": "",
"Search": "Quaero",
"List all files": "",
"List": "",
"Actions": "",
"List": "Index",
"Actions": "Actiones",
"Search files by file hash": "",
"Search a specific link": "",
"Number of cleaned files": "",
......@@ -99,20 +96,20 @@
"You are now loggued out": "",
"Link deleted": "",
"Filename": "",
"file": "",
"file": "filum",
"link": "",
"Type": "",
"Size": "",
"Type": "Genus",
"Size": "Magnitudo",
"Expire": "",
"Onetime": "",
"Upload date": "",
"Origin": "",
"Action": "",
"Origin": "Origo",
"Action": "Actio",
"Del link": "",
"Del file and links": "",
"Deleted links": "",
"year": "",
"day": "",
"year": "annus",
"day": "dies",
"minute": "",
"hour": "",
"second": "",
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